Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is sure to possess honesty and professionalism.This man cooperates with Russian and international companies. Alexey Zimarev is a gifted man however he has been interested had an interest in a great many subjects from martial arts to literature. Since last year he is working on some project but not much is reported about it. The latest task is quite a secret and is aimed at surprising the audience. Nizhniy Novgorod has been Alexey Zimarev’s motherland. He was born to a Russian woman and Chinese man. This man knew Chinese language from his father and later spent several years in China when he became older. His father’s Chinese impact was fruitful. His hair, outfit, manners, all mentioned above displays his affection to Chinese tradition. He went to school in Russia and decided on the UK to continue his education.This man started a family there and his wife gave birth to son. Alexey Zimarev has always been keen on interior design. London has been where he had the opportunity to master this subject nevertheless as time passed he made up his mind to create relatively small business in his motherland. His family traveled with him. People won’t forgetthe style of Alexey Zimarev.Having deep perception of both traditions this man combines oriental decorations with Western tradition in such a way that nobody is likely to do.

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