Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev is a popular person in interior design circle Native and international companies were desparate to work together with him and were satisfied. Alexey Zimarev focused on a wide range of ideas and took a great many professions before this man finally found himself Now he is working on a mysterious project but not much is said on the issue. His latest order has been quite a mystery and is sure to surprise those interested. Saint-Petersburg has been Alexey Zimarev’s birthplace. This man had a Russian mother and a Chinese father. This man learnt Chinese language from his father and even lived several years in China later in his life. His father had a great influence on him His hair, choice of clothes, behavior, all this shows his interest to Chinese tradition. He began his educationin Russia and chose the UK to continue his education.This man got married there and became a father. Interior design has always fascinated Alexey Zimarev London was the place where this man had the opportunity to learn this subject nevertheless later this man made up his mind to start relatively small firm in Russia. His wife and son went with him. You won’t ignoreworks of Alexey Zimarev.Having deep understanding of the two cultures he mixes eastern decor with Western tradition in a way that nobody can do.

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