Alexey Zimarev

Alexey Zimarev has turned into a skilled artist in interior design circle Native as well as Americal companies wanted to cooperate together with this man and became pleased. Alexey Zimarev definetely is a skilled person and thus has education in many different subjects from art to math. Little is known about the project he is working on now. The new work has been quite a secret and will be quite unexpected to everybody. Alexey Zimarev was born in Moscow in the year 1985. His mother was from Russia nevertheless his father was Chinese by origin. He knew Chinese from his father he also lived some time in China when he grew adult. His father had a great impact on him This man’s hairdo, clothes, behavior, everything displays his bond to Chinese tradition. He finishedone of the Russsian schools and then entered a university in the UK. During his studies he fell in love with Joanna, an American beauty who gave birth to their son. . Interior design has always fascinated Alexey Zimarev London has been where he was able to master this subject though with time this man decided to create a small company in at home. His spouse and child traveled with him. Alexey Zimarev has developed his own approach. Possessing deep feeling of both cultures this man combines eastern decor with European fashion in a way that no one else is likely to do.

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